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NJ’s Factor Book is a manifestation of the relatively new and emerging world of factor investing, which is a confluence of technological advancements (data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence) and established investment principles. NJ’s Factor Book takes you through the myriad facets of factor investing, ranging from the evolution of factor investing

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Most people accept that history is important and a knowledge of history is crucial to understanding the present and preparing for the future. In investing, a study of history provides crucial insights into market and investor behavior. However, to a large extent, studying this history has only been of interest to market experts who have used it to guide their investment decisions.

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What are Factors?

What are Factors? One might think of factors as features that one considers before making a purchase only in this case, it's about the features that the stocks must have…

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Value Factor

Want Quality but don’t want to pay too much for it? Consider the Value Factor. The name Benjamin Graham and Dadid Dodd became synonymous with value investing when they released their influential book …

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Quality Factor

The Quality Factor has proved itself across time and across markets as a reliable one, not only for performance but for also avoiding unpleasant surprises…

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Momentum Factor

Prefer buying stocks that are rising and avoiding those that are falling? That's the Momentum Factor and is based on Newton’s First Law of Motion which also explains why athletes can’t stop as soon as they cross the finish line…

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Low Volatility Factor

Worried about market fluctuations? Consider the Low Volatility factor. In the world of factor investing, avoiding volatility has become one of the most important investment considerations…

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Multi-Factor Investing

Just as we need different kinds of players in a team for it to perform consistently well, we must use different factors in investing to ensure that risk and return stay balanced consistently...

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Factor Investing: The Road Ahead

In a rapidly changing market and computing landscape, It is clear that we have only just scratched the surface. Artificial intelligence engines based on neural networks can analyze unstructured data to deliver surprising results…

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